Won NaNoWriMo!

Every day, every passing day, for hours and hours I wrote about other people playing Go. And other vaguely Japanese-inspired things. 

This morning, I had 50800 words of continuous fiction written in November! So that was a total NaNoWriMo win. In all fairness, I had taken the month off. And also, there was no new awesome computer game this fall. (It may be said with some grain of truth that I lost to Skyrim last year. I am ashamed of this now.)

More surprising, I felt the urge to write a couple thousand more words after I had “won”, even though I have no plans to publish my novel. Maybe I will put it up on the Net, I have not decided yet. But basically, it has begun to become interesting again toward the end. I am only writing the things that interest me now. I was thinking of dragging out the angst about losing his girlfriend a bit more, but seriously he was never that into her in the first place. Playing Go was more interesting. Not that this book is autobiographical or anything. I think it is hard to imagine for the ordinary reader how non-autobiographical it is. ^_^

My arm hurts almost like in the old days, and I have dictated a few paragraphs; that is all my throat can take, given how rarely I speak these years. It has been raining a lot this month and this has kept me from exercising as normal, even though my pulse has gone back down to normal levels (for me, not for ordinary humans). According to my doctor, an hour of exercise each day is necessary to keep my arm from growing stiff and sore when I write a lot, and it seems he was right.

But today, there is no pressure. I have already won. ^_^

3 thoughts on “Won NaNoWriMo!

  1. Do you play GO? Though I am Japanese, I don’t, never. Go is obsolete in Japan. We usually call it “igo”, not GO. i sounds like “E”, just like eat. GO is the term among GO players in Japan. Bill Gates plays GO. Did you know it? He learned it from Korean student. GO is from China. But Sudoku originated from Japan. I cannot teach you anything about GO, but I can tell you something about Happy Science.

    • I am not good at playing Go, but I enjoy watching it. For some reason I can see when other low-level players make mistakes, but I cannot see my own mistakes. Perhaps it is the same with them.

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