Time flies…

Time flies while we’re having fun, and so do I. Fly while having fun. Flying is somewhat more complex in Champions Online than in City of Heroes, but it is still nice to do sometimes.

Between Memrise (see previous entry), Champions Online (see earlier entry), a bit of Sims 3 and a bit of fiction writing, the days just roll off the conveyor belt. Especially workdays, I usually don’t leave until close to 5 or close to 5:30, depending on which bus I aim for. It is already dark when I come home. Dark and icy cold, so no jogging anymore.

In Champions Online, I discovered a light-based class, or archetype as they call it. One of the two initial powers is a long-distance ray of light that will heal heroes but hurt villains. I’m starting to like this game! It’s not City of Heroes but then nothing is.

A downside to experimenting with heroism and Japanese for hours is that I don’t get to read the good books I thought I would. Pretty much every day I plan to get some reading done, sometimes I even pick out a book, but in the end I don’t actually read it. Perhaps just a little, but not seriously. I need to rebalance this. But first I have memories of Japanese phrases to water.

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