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You’ll find the truth in the mirror, waiting for you… In Japan, it has long been said that gods (kami) are found within mirrors (kagami). The mirror is the symbol of self-reflection, literally so.

I was playing The Sims 3, with a household consisting solely of one of the most important characters in my JulNoWriMo novel (which is certain to not be completed in July, for various reasons, but I think it still was worth it). I heard a song on the Sim Radio that I particularly liked, and hunted it down. Like many of them, it was a Simlish translation of a popular song in our world, but which I had never heard: There for you by Bryan Rice.

Listening to the English translation (I believe it is originally in Danish, but it could be the other way around) I was once again struck by how alike … no, how equal love songs can be to religion. My theory is that with the decline of religion, people have projected the divine onto mortals. This is not really new, it has probably happened for millennia, but I would not be surprised if there is a lot more of it now. You never see arranged marriages in the secular parts of the world, for instance. Everyone is supposed to be madly in love (although some really just shack up, and some lucky souls marry their best friend.)

Huston Smith mentions a parable in which the sun shines on some broken glass on the ground, and we see the reflection as if the glass itself is shining with the light of the sun. This is when we adore or desire anything on Earth: We do so because it is a reflection of God, the source of all beauty and the giver and upholder of life. What we truly adore or desire is always God, but because we have our eyes on the ground, we see the reflections and mistake them for the real thing. Well, mistake … some things surely are more reflective than others. Not all things, and not all people, equally convey they beauty and the necessity of Heaven. But to some degree it also depends on being in the right place, at the right time, seeing things from a particular angle.

Now seems a good time to actually listen to the song, if you’re not at work. It’s pretty. Here on Spotify.  Or, if that fails, on YouTube, although I dislike the ending of the promotion video. It is OK up to the point of my screenshot, though.

With no one to hold on to, you hit the ground
Searching for some place to run to.
You fell out of existence, you got lost in the crowd;
Always your back against the wall.

I’ll turn your life around into something good.

Don’t face this world alone!
Cause I’m there for you my love.
You’ll find me in the mirror, waiting for you…
Oh baby, hold on, we’ll make it!

You’ll find me in the mirror. That’s where the shell of the human love song breaks down and reveals the true identity of the speaker as a Heavenly spirit, such as her guardian angel speaking on behalf of God, Heaven, the Light or whatever approximation you can grasp of the Infinite. The video, for its flaws, actually executes this part flawlessly in one of the later repeats of the choir: The woman has seen the singer in the mirror repeatedly, but at the decisive moment there is a flash of light passing across the picture, and the mirror shows herself in her present environment, not a man in a different place. That’s the moment of realization: The Kingdom of Heaven is within. What we have looked for in other people were always with us, waiting to help us. Always there for us.

You cover the bruises the best way you can,
Hiding your flaws in the dark.
Desperately seeking to understand
Why everything’s falling apart.

But don’t you worry now,
I’ll do anything to pull you out;
I’ll turn your life around into something good.

It is sad to watch when people cover their bruises and hide their flaws in the dark. In such a situation, even a good human — good either by a benign temperament or life experience, or being authorized to do good — is a great help. Hiding in the dark all one’s life is a terrible fate, and I am not even entirely sure that it will even end when life does, if this is one’s habit. So in that respect, a fellow human can be of great help.

Whether you are in Heaven or Hell (figuratively speaking, or rather, speaking about your mind rather than your body), conversations with those on Earth can bring you closer to Earth. Obviously this makes the option far more attractive for those in Hell, but their problem is the bruises and flaws that they are afraid to reveal. For those in Heaven, they have no wish to take anything from those on Earth, only to give. Their greatest joy is to meet someone who accepts gifts without suspicion. Unfortunately those who hide in the dark are the last to do that, so a direct contact is hard to achieve.

This is why, as in the music video, you may have to climb a little before you see the mirror for what it is. Before you realize that the light you saw in that man was the light of Heaven reflected in him. And even when he is gone, the eternal Sun still shines, and everything you seem to have lost is still there waiting for you. In fact, it is always with you. “In the mirror, waiting for you.”

Don’t face this world alone!
Cause I’m there for you my love.
You’ll find me in the mirror, waiting for you…
Oh baby, hold on, we’ll make it!

Well, this song is pretty much something the Voice in my heart could have said to me, and it seems reasonably for me to share it. Even I shall not be forever in this world, though I sure hope it will still be a while. But whether I disappear in one way or another from your circles…

You’ll find me in the mirror. You’ll recognize the gentle voice that whispers to you, as it whispered to me. Hold on, we’ll make it!

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