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Boys feel insecure unless you tell them with words… and Google feels insecure unless you use SSL. Sometimes I too feel insecure, and need a reminder.

It is way past decent bedtime but I think I have manage to activate SSL to the point where my website defaults to https. Or in other words, hopefully once your cache clears, you should be able to visit without your browser screaming “This site has been taken over by the forces of evil! Flee for your life!” as it has done for some time now. I was a bit baffled about this since the site has been encrypted by Let’s Encrypt for, oh, a year or two? But Google still had to be prodded with a cattleprod to have anything to do with it. Hopefully that should end now, because the site is so secure.


Speaking of Google, their YouTube thought this was a good time to bring up again some songs I listened to in October last year. I agree, although probably not for the reasons they believe. Perhaps another Big G is also tweaking their routines, who knows. Because a song came up that made me cry then, and it made me cry again tonight. (But I dried my tears and continued to research the SSL, because I love you.)

The song is called You Are The Light and is by Kanon, a Japanese songstress of some good repute. I discovered this song because it is popular the same audience as the song This Is My Road  which was performed in excerpt with the anime Guin Saga, based on a work that was unfortunately left unfinished due to the untimely demise of its author. I guess I should take that as a reminder. “We must say all the words that should be spoken, before they are lost forever” used to be a motto of this site, once upon a time. Once upon a brighter time, I guess we can say.

The refrain of the song goes like this:

You are the light, you are my hope,
I’m so secure ’cause with you now.

I hope you too are so secure  now. And Light willing, I may write more another time. But for now, I uploaded the brief entry I wrote back then, on October 1 last year. Back then, I tried to embed the song and type out the text I heard, even if not much more. I have no idea if those who know me will understand why it hit me like it did. But it is worth a try. Here it is: Singing to the Light, in the dark.


3 thoughts on “So secure

  1. I am not sure, but maybe Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau came up with the idea of giving birth-Mothers that much money. I am not sure where the idea originated.

    I don’t think this would be offensive to say Merkel came up with the idea, in collaboration with Jagmeet Singh; Obama; and Justin Trudeau.

    Even as a fantasy, this would be a good impression of Merkel — so that kind of mild-misappropriation [akin to a error of judgement] is forgivable. I am not very smart. I am stupid. My will is weak and my strength is frail. My skill in language-register(s) is not so good. Forgive me for my failure at every-level-possible as a Human Being [Ethical Imperative Invoked–: Humility.].

    [This is not politics. I am not a lawyer. This is Human-Rights- proper.]

    I don’t like sand. Glory to the Burger King who provides food!

  2. I went back to the song you mentioned, and it reminded me of some of the more modern, mainstream Christian music that is now performed/played in church services. (Except that it appears that most of the people who claim to be glorifying the Lord in such ways are actually glorifying their pocketbooks. Don’t get me started!) It was exceptionally pretty and delicate. I liked it very much.

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