Amazingly lazy


I installed Word and OneNote from my Office Home and Student 2007 pack. This is already my third and last installation, as it is already installed on two dead computers. (Well, one of them is not melted down, but the power supply got lost during the move at work 15 months ago.) Now, why would I install it when there is so much great freeware?

“Because I can” is always a good answer, but in this case it was because I had set up OpenOffice to write in Japanese, and I can’t be bothered to switch back and forth between the two languages. That’s how lazy I am.

As for OneNote, I haven’t really missed it since I discovered Google Notebook. Well, until some days ago when I found that Google has discontinued Notebook in January. What, guys? It was awesome. Like OneNote, it let me just mark something worthwhile in a webpage and ”Note” it, and it would paste it in my current notebook with a link to the place I found it, and the title of the webpage. I had a bunch of small notebooks, mostly on various scientific topics. I still have them, since Google has not deleted the database. They have just disabled the Note function, so if I want to continue adding clips, I will have to separately copy the link and the title and paste them along with the text. And I can’t be bothered to do that. That’s how lazy I am.

But if this computer too comes to an end, then it is not obvious that I will run to the shop and buy another MS Office. After all, I may not be bored enough to do that, especially now that my workplace is on the other side of town from the computer shops. Besides, it costs money, which I have worked for. Lazy people have a healthy respect for work (and go to great lengths to minimize it). So next time, perhaps I’ll just sign up for instead. That’s how lazy I am.

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