Short update

Did not get enough sleep last night after all. Stomach acted up, almost certainly because I ate a burger for lunch the day before.  Even one of these a month is too much.  I haven’t gotten any fat poisoning yet, altough that would typically not be until late this night or tomorrow.  Actually it is already late this night.  But I hardly ate any more fat the rest of the day, apart from some Opera mints (chocolate filled mint drops).  I estimated that it would be just barely little enough fat to not trigger an attack, and was pleasantly surprised by how long it stayed in the stomach. The slower, the better in this case.

Anyway, got only little more than 5 hours sleep.  But did get an hour of Holosync done in the morning so that should go a long way to make up for it.  I have no personal experience of bliss or joy using Holosync, but it is hard to deny that it does seem to replace sleep quite efficiently, possibly even be better than sleep when used in moderation. (One hour a day.)

Have continued testing LifeFlow. Still no quivering with pleasure, despite my excellent headphones. Unfortunately it does not substitute for sleep at the level I am testing. Quite possibly the opposite.  I feel sleepier after using it than before.

Actually, I am sleepy right now.

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