The invitation

Did I mention that I was told to expect an invitation to a new employer, after all jobs of my kind are purged from our tentacle of government? Well, I got it today. All names are changed for security reasons. Translated from Norwegian.

An agreement has been reached with [tentacle of government] that you will be transferred to [Himitsu Corp.] from June 1, 09.
We have planned a number of activities from week 20 up to and including week 25. These activities are:
I bid you welcome to us in [Himitsu Corp.]”

Huh. Well, it certainly beats going to the employment office to look for a new job. Even in Norway, this is not the best possible time and my work experience is fairly specific. Still, I found it amusing that I have evidently been handed over like a crate* without asking or being asked. If this is the corporate culture, I foresee an interesting time in [Himitsu Corp.]

(* Or, as a friend of mine commented, like a companion cube. The “weighted companion cube” is an inanimate object from the video game Portal.  It is praised for its loyalty, then incinerated.)

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