Sick day

Late last night, not long before bedtime, I started getting pain in my lower right side.  Now, I am not overly worried that it be eppendicitis. First, it started right there in my right side, not migrating from the middle or front or spread around the lower guts.  Also the pain was merely distracting, not incapacitating. I had no fever – actually, my temperature was lower than normal, and I had to warm up for 20 minutes before I stopped shivering.  And I was not vomiting (actually still am not). Still, unlike common gas pains, it did not change or move when I lay down on my side.  I did get some sleep, but less than I would want and of poor quality; I woke up very tired.

Since then, my guts have been running wild for a while, but the pain is fading. So most likely it was some kind of local irritation.  By then I had already taken the day off though.

One nifty thing about having a sick day is that I can see what happens around the house when I am supposed to not be here.  Today, two cars arrived, one with a lot of planks, and a couple people are replacing the old fence between this house and the neighbor.  (I have only one neighbor within fencing distance, so to speak.) I am not sure if this is an initiative by my landlord or my neighbor.

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