Heaven help the IRS (dream)

One of the great things about sleeping in is the fantastic dreams. I mean fantastic in a most literal sense, as it certainly exceeds my fantasy sometimes. This morning was one of them.  And in color, too.

I dreamed that the Norwegian IRS had made a deal with Heaven. There was some religious organization involved, which in retrospect seems like a fusion of the Japanese new religion Happy Science and the originally Norwegian pious church Smith’s Friends. I dare say that in waking life none of them would have taken that fusion lying down. But it gets weirder.

Heaven had provided magical rings. Actually there were only a modest number of these, delivered by the aforementioned religious organization. But the good news is, any member of the IRS could simply pray for one, and the High Spirits of Heaven (angels and above, I guess) would grant the power to materialize a ring.  Once you had one of those, you simply put it on, and whenever there was any tax evasion (and, from the looks of it, some other evils as well) the ring would flare up with a bright blue light.

I am not sure what the blue light did other than flare up to various degrees. The dream changed to a depiction of massive Heavenly action against the criminals.  In the twilight, holy warriors of the IRS hunted down the culprits, and news reports came in from all over the country.  This was still ongoing when I woke up.

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