Car synchronicity

The perhaps most charitable explanation: I may have been promoted to the league of major characters.  Somehow I don’t think we should overplay this possibility…

A lot of the driving people do is over short distances, especially in America, but also in suburban Norway.  I noticed this in the place I used to live before, because when I took a walk, it was not uncommon to see a car drive into a small side road. The same happened fairly regularly in the place I lived before there again.  You could see this happen twice or even three times over the course of a walk.

For this reason, I have paid notice to the fact that it seems to be rare here on Møll. Perhaps it is because each side road usually only leads to a farm or a couple houses, and perhaps it matters that country people are more used to walking over to the neighbor rather than driving. Whatever the reason, I usually see it once if at all during an hour’s walk to the shop and back.  That is a bit longer time than I used to walk where I lived before, but there are if anything fewer side roads and houses since this is countryside rather than suburb.

Today there was 10-13 cars driving on and off side roads, depending on whether you count the one that drove into one of the side roads and drove back out a minute later, and whether you count the bus that drove in to Møll Turbuss (Møll Tour Bus). Yes, that is an ongoing business, but I have never seen any actual bus drive into or out of the small business parking lot before.   In either case, it was on the upside of ten, against an average of about 0.5 most days.

If this had happened in a dream, I dare say my subconscious would have been trying really hard to get some point across.  But I hope to the Everliving God that my subconscious does not have the power to move my neighbors for a distance of a thousand yards (although the activity was noticeably higher closer to my home  now that I think about it 0_0)…

Synchronicity is often defined as “meaningful coincidences”, and I am sure these things were meaningful and coincidental for my neighbors. I mean, you have to get home from work, you have to go shopping, you more or less have to drive your kid to football or riding practice. But what is the meaning for me to suddenly watch a dozen of them doing it one after another? I have no idea.

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