White winter again

Not very kind to the furniture, but it gives an idea of how much or little snow there is.

Those of you who live in the warm parts of the world may enjoy seeing this picture of snow. I think it is about knee deep on average, possibly a little less. It is hard to say since the snow was quite light this time, and the wind was blowing the whole time. So much of it ended up in drifts, while other parts are fairly bare.

Incidentally, this means that even if I clear a small road through the snow, it will disappear again after the wind has done its work, but only in certain stretches.

The first thing I did about it was make a path to the riverbank, which is not far from the house. It is twice or thrice the height of a man, so I can continue to dump snow down it and it stays down.  I wish I had thought of that the first winter. But even though I don’t need to move the snow uphill, it is still a lot of work.  I like to think of it as negative calories. And in fact, while some people put on weight in the winter, with me it is the other way around. I lose weight during the winter, although not a lot.

2 thoughts on “White winter again

  1. I know snow is a pain to those of you who experience it on a regular basis, but . . . we love seeing it! Especially in the kind of quantity shown in the picture!

    • I know you like snow, and probably many others who live far enough south. That is why I take these pictures. I think snow is pretty too sometimes, but not by default. When the sun is low and the snow glitters as if sprinkled with jewels, that is really pretty. But just a heap of white? Perhaps I would appreciate it if I spent a few years without. Or if I did not need to shovel it! ^_^

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