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OK, perhaps not quite as literally as the two young happy scientists flying in the anime “The Laws of Eternity”, also by Happy Science.

Actually, “Happy Science on Air” is the new broadcast / webcast from the optimistic little Japanese religion. It is in English and is broadcast each Friday morning in New Zealand. You can listen to it for a week on PlanetAudio.

I want to say a few words about the first ever broadcast, which was this Friday. It was, naturally, a bit of an introduction to Happy Science.  I particularly enjoyed his explanation of love based on his own life. It was spot on and memorable.  There is a lot of suffering in the world because people want to be loved, instead of just loving another.  Obviously when you are a small child, you need to be on the receiving end of love, or you die. As an adult, however, you need to be on the giving side of love. This is the law of life.

The weakness of the program was that, despite the best intentions, it basically preached to the choir. If there were any curious listeners who were not already familiar with Happy Science, I feel pretty sure they turned off quickly when Mr Bellingham asserted that Ryuho Okawa was God and Buddha. It may not be obvious after some months in the sect, but this really is an extraordinary claim and requires extraordinary proof. It is certainly not something one simply states as a fact and then goes on.

Because of this, it would probably have been better if they had skipped the whole “Ryuho Okawa is God and Buddha” thing at this point.  Especially since it is not something he used to bring up on his own in his early books.

Let me add something of my own here.

I have 17 books by Ryuho Okawa, and ordered another. I would have more if they were publicly available.  There are a number of interesting titles which seem to only be available in temples, presumably for members only. Perhaps those are where Okawa goes on in some detail about his divinity, because it is little more than implied in the books I have read, in many of them not mentioned at all. He does bring it up a few times in some of them though, but never in the form of requiring any kind of service or worship from others. Rather, he brings it up as an explanation of why he has dedicated his life to serve the world.

Of course, you can dedicate your life to the service of mankind without being an incarnation of the highest God.  Well, to some degree you can. Actually if you are filled with love for all people to an extreme degree, you cannot avoid being an extension of God, but let us not get into that level of detail here.

Anyway, if you are curious and have half an hour, follow the link. It is pretty simple, certainly if you understand my writing you understand Happy Science on Air even more easily. Whether you believe it is another matter. I hope at least you take with you the understanding that love is something you give, and this is how you become happy. In that regard at the very least, their science of happiness is spot on!

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  1. Thanks for the good and brief enlightiment but am not conviced anyway please let not mr okawa weste people time becoz what brought all the prophets was to spread GODs’ love but people dont just seem to understand a thing unless he makes some mirac

  2. Actually, Buddah means the Enlightened one. If you read his books carefully, he mentions a great number of times that there are meany gods as there many dimensions. The number of dimensions can go all the way to up to 21. He merely claims that all great spirits come on the Earth mostly from 9th dimension and he is one of them. It is up to you or anyone whether you want to believe it or not, I did not see that he requires any type of personal worship. He just kindly spreads his knowledge on how to love and respect each other and how to evolve as a spiritual being. I find Harshim’s comment not very appropriate but again, it can be explained my complete ignorance of the subject. By the way his books are available in the temples but you do NOT have to be a member to purchase them.

  3. Thank you Vichka for taking the time to comment.

    I am honestly not sure how the practice arose, to call El Cantare “God or Buddha”, but it is very different from Master Okawa’s early books, in which he is careful to distinguish between El Cantare of the 9th dimension and the Primordial Buddha or God, the Creator, who is beyond all the 20 or more dimensions of the created universe.

    I find it hard to believe that there are certain books only available in temples unless the purpose is to keep unbelievers from reading them. This is not necessarily a bad thing – Christianity did not make public all its holy books and rituals until around year 700 – but in this age of openness and democracy, it naturally makes people suspicious when information is not public.

    I must say that the Ryuho Okawa we meet in his public books in English is a very sympathetic person, regardless of whether one believes in his more unique teachings of the 9th dimension and countless sunken continents. He considers being a god “an existence like the sun”, giving light and warmth endlessly without asking for a penny in return. If that is what one means by a god, then I wish to the Creator that we would all become gods one day.

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