On the road again…

Or at least the bike / pedestrian path that is found alongside all major roads here in Mandal. Yesterday and today I was out walking again, feeling pretty much the same as before the heart race episode. I burned over 800 calories each walk, so all in all it was a good day! :p

I still don’t know what happened, but the jolts and “glitches” of the heartbeat that I have felt off and on lately seem to have faded for this time. I wonder if these aren’t in some way related to the heart racing. In any case, I try to pay more attention to how I feel and not press myself too far.

It is not like I am looking to lose X pounds per week, or am training for a marathon.  I simply want to keep the diabetes at a safe distance and show my body that yes, it is still inhabited.

Plus, walking is a great opportunity to think, or be inspired, or just be. Sometimes it is good to not have an agenda or anything to, but just watch the land as I walk through it.

2 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. It would be so nice to have such beautiful places to walk as you seem to have now, and to have had at all your previous homes! Walking (or doing much of anything outdoors) is so unpleasant during the summer here that unless you are doing something water-related (taking the boat to the lake would be favorite, although our “lakes” are so low the boat ramps don’t even reach the water any more), it’s just sheer hell being outside. I really need to get another treadmill or something.

    • Please bear in mind that to my Viking ancestors, the area of punishment in afterlife was filled not with scorching heat but with biting cold. When winter comes, taking long walks may become hazardous to my health, at least if we get polar temperatures like much of the previous two winters.

      But yeah, it is pretty paradisaical here most of the year.

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