Water inside

The handle is inside the panel to the right – pull the knob to get to it.

I woke up and as I passed through the kitchen on my way to the bathroom, I heard a strange noise. It turned out one of the faucets in the bathroom had bust wide open during the night. It was one to a wash basin I don’t actually use, although I had some dirty clothes lying there that I had not washed yet. Well, they got wet at least! The water pressure was quite impressive.

Being the rational adult that I am, I decided to turn off the main water intake. When I moved in, it had been pointed out to me. Unfortunately, what I thought was the handle for the main water intake was the handle for the firehose. The landlord had to send someone to turn off the water for me. He also sent a plumber, later. I went to work and the plumber did an excellent job in my absence, nor am I missing anything from the house. So I guess not all people are thieves. It would have been kind of conspicuous, I guess, but still. Temptations have shown me that they are worthy adversaries. Anyway, it ended well.

The bathroom is quite water-resistant too, so I expect few if any long-term problems from this.

Kristi requested a picture of the firehose, thus the choice of topic for today. I am not sure what firehose is called in modern English, if you even have them in modern England. Both my Android tablet my Opera spell checker think I mean “firehouse”, but I don’t, and I sincerely hope the phrase will never be connected to this or any other place where I live.


2 thoughts on “Water inside

  1. Sorry, I just could not picture what you were describing. Or, rather, I did picture it, but WAY different than this.

    We keep fire extinguishers in various parts of the house. The red-tank-with-nozzle kind. There are so many types of household fires which you are NOT supposed to try to extinguish with water that it makes me happy to have the kind that uses carbon dioxide (I think), as well as some other types of chemicals that make a gloopy, gluey, sad-looking foam with which it smothers the fire.

    Kitchen fires and electrical fires are our main danger, and since fires resulting from cooking (as opposed to being used for cooking) have so many different types and different sorts of remedies . . . I can barely keep them straight when NOT flustered by the fact that there is a fire in my house! I will simply get one of our fire extinguishers and do battle should one occur!

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