A dream

This morning, somewhere around half past six, I had a dream that made an emotional impact on me.

In my dream, I was my character from City of Heroes, the violet Color of Reverence. However, the dream took place in Daggerfall, the mythical magic-filled land of my first long-time game environment. The inhabitants of the village or small town had become outspoken in their criticism of the Establishment, and the government had sent the guards – the medieval police with extreme prejudice – to teach them a lesson. I caught a couple of them as they were about to kill a defenseless woman and two children (I am somewhat uncertain whether this was my family in the dream or a neighbor). Their activities came to a stop, let us say.

It really bothered me, in my dream, that the government had gone to this length to protect the economic elite of Daggerfall. I woke up with a feeling that this was somehow important, but the feeling itself is gone now.

3 thoughts on “A dream

  1. Maybe you were playing Daggerfall and reading about the 99%-er protesters here in the US at the same time before going to sleep?

    • Hah, I was playing City of Heroes, but haven’t played Daggerfall in a year or so, and my sympathy with the American protesters has been rather limited up until now. If the police start going into homes and club kids to death, I will definitely change my position on that!

      • I left the wrong game name. Duh. Strangely enough, I almost caught myself doing so . . . just after I posted my little message I thought, “Did he say Daggerfall or City of Heroes or . . . something else? And what did I write?” I was tired, though, so I figured you’d know what I meant without me going back and correcting it.

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