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  1. Good grief. They tell you that you can come to the EMERGENCY room in 30 minutes. And they didn’t send an ambulance or any sort of transportation at all? I hope you are so much better that it really doesn’t matter now, but . . . that is scary. I suppose I was having some kind of sympathy palpitations this morning. I slept horribly, and between three and four AM was shaky with my heart racing, which never happens. I suppose God was letting me know what was going on with my friend on another continent! Have you made your appointment with your regular doctor (or figured out who he is) yet? Please do so. We’ll all pray for you tonight, of course, both body and soul!

    • I hope you are better now! I don’t want you to share this affliction, such as it is.

      I called the doctor’s office. The earliest appointment they could give me was April 16. I told them the doctor at the ER had requested I get a Holter monitor within the week, but evidently this was none of the receptionist’s concern. I can understand her: Once you let some sneak in the line, everyone has a reason to come first. So, four weeks it is, then.

      I am mildly surprised this doctor is so popular. I mean, he is handsome enough to be a ferocious rival, but his solution to everything seems to be exercise and lots of it. That is generally true, but not generally popular, judging from the shape of people.

      • Can you change doctors? This does not sound very promising, and having someone who has had TWO episodes of this occur wait until mid-April does not seem reasonable!

        • I could apply for another doctor. My application would then be processed by a qualified bureaucrat. It is no doubt that it would be granted – I have a legislated right to have a doctor in my municipality of residence – but there is little doubt that many weeks would pass in the meantime. And I rather like this doctor, in the sense that I largely agree with him. I am just surprised so many others do. Judging from the shape of people, and patients in particular, you’d think exercise evangelists would not make for super popular doctors.

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