NaNoWriMo is here

Hopefully some people will read my story because it has Go references in it.

It is the month formerly known as November! For the last decade, its name has been NaNoWriMo.

Hallelujah, November is here! It’s not a dream anymore!
Hallelujah, it’s finally here, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting…
(With apologies to Chris de Burgh. Actually, “Brother John” was the first song I noticed by de Burgh, although it later became one of my least favorite. Go figure.)

Yes, the National Novel Writing Month has started. I am off from work and writing and having a great time. I guess this story won’t, after all, inspire love and courage in generations of young men and women after my passing as I had hoped. Well, it is still a first draft. Also, it is still barely 5000 words.

Go Go Ghosts! A story of anime, Go, Happy Science and the Japan that only exists in our hearts.

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