Still NaNoWriMo

I have been writing quite a bit. Not just the fiction, but some entries too. I just don’t upload them. I think they may be too good for me. I have to take care. When the Christian Bible says that “Not many of you become teachers, since we know that we shall receive that much more severe judgment”, I don’t think it only refers to the afterlife or our judgment day. That too, probably. But I have seen things during my lifetime that makes me believe Boris Mouravieff is right when he says, those who talk about the spiritual Truth will wake the General Law, will draw it’s attention, and it will begin to react against them. Kind of like naming the Dark One in the Wheel of Time books or in the Lord of the Rings. There are forces whose attention you don’t want to attract when you are a newbie.

The novel kind of lost the plot too, halfway through. I am still writing though. At the current pace I should finish around the middle of the month. Unless I give up, which would be a reasonable thing to do without my plot. I am reading back issues of Happy Science Monthly to find inspiration. Trying to imagine how the teachings of Happy Science must look to a high school freshman with little more than average intelligence and no religious or spiritual experience or upbringing.

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