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Imaginary girl dream

Posted by Itlandm on January 11, 2013

I went to bed early in the evening, mostly because hemorrhoids hurt too much to sit and write as I usually do. After a while I fell asleep, for I had slept less than optimal for some days.

I had a dream which looked like an anime (Japanese cartoon) and it was about a boy and a strange girl who always followed him around, to the point of camping outside his house at night. When he talked with her, she answered weirdly and briefly. He was sometimes irritated with her. But at one particular time he realized that maybe she was not real, but a product of his imagination. Immediately she disappeared – he was looking right at her and one moment she sat on the other side of the table, the next there was just empty air. Realizing that he would miss her, he closed his eyes until he had convinced himself that maybe she was real, and when he opened his eyes, she was back.

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A little exercise again

Posted by Itlandm on January 6, 2013

I have been rather inactive for the last two months or more. It rained almost all November, so there wasn’t much opportunity for my usual long walks and jogs. (Before that was the Mysterious Illness.) December came and with it icy cold and howling wind. Roads and pavements were covered with ice. Then the last week it has been raining almost continually. But yesterday and today have been mild and sunny. (This combination is highly unusual, not to say unnatural, in Norway at this time of the year. It has happened before, but it doesn’t happen every year and it doesn’t last long.) So naturally I took a walk. Yesterday I didn’t realize that the weather was mild until I was on my way to the grocers, so I just took a longer walk home. Today, however, I put on my pulse watch and my jogging shoes.

It is not like I have stayed in bed for the past two months: I go to work five days a week and the commute includes approximately half an hour of walking each day, in four parts. That’s generally considered enough to keep the body aware that this is still inhabited, to put the that way. In other words, half an hour a day is enough for maintenance. Less than that, and the risk of “lifestyle diseases” starts to increase quickly.

My pulse while walking is pretty much the same as it was in fall, but jogging is a different matter. Today I could only jog for a few seconds before my pulse rose above the target rate. So the round-trip that usually takes me 29 minutes actually took 33 today. I also felt stiffer than usual and even got a small blister.

It was okay, I guess. I record this for science. ^_^

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Posted by Itlandm on January 6, 2013

After a full night’s sleep I wake up with lots and lots of chewy goo in my throat. Ick. I am seriously thinking of changing to two separate sections of sleep so I don’t have time to build up that much gunk.

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