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Short work trip

Posted by Itlandm on May 29, 2012

When I remembered that I was going on a mobile software course today, it was already late for a good night’s sleep. As can be expected for a viewpoint character, this triggered my asylum-seeking neighbors to holler more and further into the small hours than they have done lately. That alone could not keep me awake after five months of getting used to them, so they somehow set off some kind of alarm. Probably nothing important, but it sounded vaguely similar to my fire alarm. Took me some time to get back to sleep after that. Around 5 in the morning there was loud talking upstairs again. I hope they sleep when I’m at work, or their health will suffer. Anyway, they are not always this loud, only when I don’t have a chance to go to sleep early or get up late. That’s a small price I pay for being a viewpoint character and have the visible world throw unlikely coincidences at me to make my life story interesting.

Despite the lack of sleep (but with more delta brainwave entrainment than in a long time), I managed to stay awake during the whole course, only yawning occasionally. So that’s good. It probably helps that it was a topic I am really interested in, and which should help me do a better job helping our customers.

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