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Moderate bus crash day

Posted by Itlandm on March 9, 2017

Today something genuinely exciting happened: The commute bus I was on had to brake for a truck that came out from a gas station, then the bus was hit from behind by another truck and pushed into the first truck. That sure was unexpected! I mean, I would have expected a crash with the first truck, but at a pretty slow speed because our driver braked really well. Instead we got unexpectedly hit from behind, giving everyone an instant whiplash. My glasses ended up in the seat behind me. As far as I noticed, everyone including the driver got a headache or neck pain. A light headache in my case. It was instant, like throwing a switch. It could have been a lot worse if the truck hadn’t slowed down quite a bit. Nobody was splattered, not even those without seat belts, but there were lots of glass shards and almost everyone hurt a bit, some more than a bit, but none were taken to the hospital I think. The lady in front of me wanted to get checked out at the hospital but it did not happen.

Sitting in the second seat on the right-hand side, I had a very good view of the truck coming too far out in the road and the bust driver stopping, but I did not see the truck behind us. I had to give my name and birth date to the police and the doctor who came to the crash site.

Even though almost everyone was in some degree of pain, the police decided that there was no person damage. If there had been, it would have become a police case with bureaucracy and people having to show up in court, stuff like that, so I totally understand them. The doctor said to just go home and to go to the emergency room in case of nausea, vision disturbances or pricking in fingers and toes. As for the pain, he said it would probably get worse before getting better, but only a few days. To be honest, at bedtime it is pretty much unchanged, but sleeping is famous for doing strange things to necks, so who knows.

Probably won’t be needing the 7208 though.

Newspaper article in Norwegian about the accident.

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