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Still here

Posted by Itlandm on March 22, 2013

Despite my whining (or did it help?) I have gotten better for now, from all the things I whined about. I still have things I could whine about, if I took the time.

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And then: Stomach!

Posted by Itlandm on March 19, 2013

Yesterday, after a light dinner and a glass of Pepsi, my stomach started feeling like there was a balloon inflated in it. Uncomfortably full, despite the fact that I had not filled it to the extreme. I felt like there was a lot of air in it and I needed to burp, but I could not (and there probably wasn’t). It was quite uncomfortable, but by bedtime it was livable enough that I could sleep, just half an hour to an hour delayed.

Today, whenever I have eaten more than a couple spoonfuls an hour, I’ve felt bloated again. I have also since late in the workday had various levels of queasiness. On the commute bus home I actually had a plastic bag open in front of me in case I needed to throw up. Luckily I did not – I slept most of the way.

I am not sure the problem is actually with the stomach sac itself. I have also gradually developed diarrhea, so it may be pressure from the guts that is making the stomach feel bloated. Or it could be the other way around, I suppose. Hard to say.

There has been only occasional and fairly light pain, and I guess this is the kind of stuff that happens to humans. I keep getting surprised when it happens to me, for some reason.

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And again

Posted by Itlandm on March 17, 2013

Sleeping for well over 8 hours helped, but in the evening the jaws flare up again. There is probably some spot where the infection stays and then it comes out when given a chance. Perhaps the root of another tooth: One of them is kind of sensitive to pressure, so that may be one candidate. Or it could be the sinus right above the roots, drawing a steady supply of bacteria from the nose cavities. A couple decades ago I would have been eager to take penicillin to get rid of it, but these days that is not certain to help, and every visit to the doctor’s is a new opportunity to pick up bacteria that are resistant to nearly everything. The antibiotics that still help are almost as dangerous as the bacteria themselves.

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Face again

Posted by Itlandm on March 15, 2013

For the last couple weeks at least, I have had pain in my upper jaw / lower sinuses off and on, perhaps especially if I did not get enough sleep. However, last night I slept for about 8 hours (one hour in my chair and seven in bed, or nearly so) and tonight after I came home from work, my upper jaw quickly filled with pressure and some pain. It has spread a bit across the face, first on the right side but later on the left too. On the right side, I can feel a sore lump on the inside of my cheek. Generally my face feels sore and stiff. Also my neck is a little stiff, but not much. Does not sound like a common cause of death, but I am still chronicling it in case it somehow turns out to be useful to know in the future.

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Whenever you break a tooth

Posted by Itlandm on March 7, 2013

Actually, it is one of the two synthetic teeth, the one on the left, that has come loose again. It is the most common of the two to come loose, and I usually have to fasten one of them each year at the least.  It is definitely loose; I felt it a few days ago, and now it can move a little back and forth. I wonder if this is related to the feeling of swelling and pressure in the upper jaw. When it has been loose a while, bacteria make their way up to behind the false tooth and the foundation it was fastened to.

The interval at which they used to break coincided with the interval I used to buy computers for the first couple years, causing me to come up with the rule that “Whenever you buy a computer, God kills a tooth” (a parody on the “Whenever you xxx, God kills a kitten” meme). Then the loosening of the tooths started to get ahead of the computer buying, and now it seems to be entirely disconnected. But I could always turn the rule around: Whenever you break a tooth, it is time buy a computer?

Well, hopefully there won’t be any serious health consequences, what with this being a false tooth and all.

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