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Ingress journal: Feet and portals

Posted by Itlandm on November 3, 2013

After I got a “smartwatch”, it keeps me informed of how much I walk each day, among other things. It turns out that I need to walk upward of 15 kilometers a day from portal to portal in order to keep my green empire from decaying. The lowest amount of walking is when I am in Kristiansand, where there are a lot of portals in the Wergeland park, around the cathedral and the town plaza. If I traverse this cluster systematically, I get a truckload of XM, enough to recharge a good number of resonators. Unfortunately there are no other clusters nearby, although there is one in another part of downtown, so the optimal harvesting route includes visiting these two alternately. However, I must usually visit a number of other portals to redeploy, since I simply don’t have enough XM to recharge more than the highest level resonators. Otherwise I would have to walk something like 25 kilometers a day.

I did in fact walk 25 kilometers one day. The next day one of my toes was hurting. I don’t think that is a coincidence. It kept getting worse for a couple days. The first day I walked 10 km, the next 5, and then 15 as it started to improve. Today I’ve walked 18 km, and started feeling the pain after around 15. So I can probably not keep walking 25 km a day, fun as that might be. I am simply not that young anymore.

Make no mistake, the reason I preside over dozens and dozens of portals is not that I am high level – it actually gets harder to maintain portals the higher level they are, because higher level resonators take more XM to recharge – but rather, I can do this because of my dedication. You can get to some portals by car, sure, but most aren’t in a place where you can conveniently stop. So unless you’re dedicated enough to walk the distance, you’ll always be short on XM, and there’s not much you can do about it.

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A day without blues

Posted by Itlandm on July 25, 2013

No blue portals today! I am glad. I have Ingressed rather moderately, hacked a few portals on my way to work and from work, and a couple times after I came home to recharge the portals here in Mandal.

I am stiff and sore in so many places, and I can’t seem to get enough sleep to regenerate my body as fast as it is worn down. Since there’s no way to go to sleep early (noisy neighbors), I’ll just have to limit the Ingressing. I still have more interests than I have time, so it’s OK.


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Ingress journal: Too much help…

Posted by Itlandm on July 24, 2013

So today this visiting Resistance Agent took out two of our portals which had a heap of links, and which incidentally belonged to other Enlightenment agents (Fullmakt, more exactly, from when he retook the city earlier this summer a few hours after it went blue). Again he left only one or two resonators so I could easily retake them and set up fields again. It is hard to imagine that he is not intentionally helping me advance. Which is nice of him, but…

My body is telling me that it would really appreciate a day of not traipsing around for an hour or more on hard pavement and being baked in the sun.  I am stiff and sore in many places and some of my fingertips tingle much of the time. (Although I suppose the last part could come from something else.)

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Ingress journal: Finally level 5!

Posted by Itlandm on July 21, 2013

With a little (unintentional?) help from our Resistance visitor, I got almost to level 5 yesterday. Today I completed it. I spent two and a half hour traipsing around in Kristiansand in the late afternoon when the ultraviolet rays can’t get to me, hacking and recharging every portal except one, and setting up a couple new links, creating a new field that covered even more of the city than before the bluebird flew through.

Someone threw a few bursters at my two portals by the railway station. There were no other attacks, and they were not sustained when I remote recharged, so I would assume it was someone traveling through with train. Trains between Stavanger and Oslo make a stop in Kristiansand. The railway does not go through the city, instead the trains drive into the station and change direction, turning the seats. This takes a while, along with passengers boarding and unboarding, and this fits with the timing of the attacks. So probably a “drive by” attack. Those are the best. More AP for recharging, no lasting damage.

Almost certainly this was a new player, since he did not have enough firepower to destroy any of the resonators and tried anyway. If you attack a portal without destroying any resonators, you get no points for it, while the defender gets points when recharging it. In fact, even if you do manage to take down some of the resonators but not all, the defender gets more AP for replacing them than you got for destroying them. This is why I think it was a newbie attack.

Anyway, with the two and a half hours of continuous movement, plus several shorter trips in Mandal before, my feet had enough. I was also quite hungry. I must have left a trail of dead calories all over the town. ^_^

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Ingress journal: Maintenance

Posted by Itlandm on July 16, 2013

Each evening, I think: “I could go harvest the two nearest portals, it is less than 15 minutes, but my feet/legs are so sore/stiff, it just isn’t worth it.” And each morning I wake up and my feet and legs feel perfectly OK. I am getting sleepy by midnight, sometimes even an hour before midnight, which probably means my body is aiming for at least 1 cycle of delta sleep, which releases regenerating hormones. (Well, the precursor hormone to Human Growth Hormone, technically, but it sets rolling the snowball of cellular growth throughout the body so it is nice to have. Young people make this several times a night, but at my age it is common to have only 1 or at best 2 sessions of delta sleep each night, in the beginning of the night.) I am only joking when I say that it is the XM from the portals that does this to my body. Science would say it is the exercise.

Like the body, portals also needs a refill from time to time, or they will decay. Well, the resonators will decay; the portal continues to exist but will revert to gray (neutral). Each resonator fades by 15 percentage points per day. That’s 90% in 6 days, so on the 7th day they revert to neutral unless you renew them. Of course, if there is a competitor, they can take it over before it goes that far, and they have an easier job the less energy there is.

To renew portals that I don’t have time to visit, such as those in Grimstad or Vigeland, I can recharge them at a distance. But some of the effect is lost over the distance. For instance, Grimstad is 40 km from Kristiansand, and the efficiency is 98%, so 2% is lost.  Mandal is 34 km from Kristiansand, so it is not smart to recharge Mandal portals from Kristiansand when I am coming back there later in the day anyway. Also the portals in Vigeland are much closer when I am in Mandal. So tactical charging is an issue.

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More excessive Ingressing

Posted by Itlandm on June 23, 2013

Traipsed around from portal to portal for about four hours yesterday, an hour and a half today.  I guess four hours is a bit excessive even for me. Tonight my left foot hurts a little, perhaps it is related. Also, I have been hungry much of the day, getting hungry shorter time after meals than usual.

I suppose it is the human condition for most people, to have a hard time stopping when they are full. But for me this is most pronounced when I am physically active.  Well, perhaps I should eat something less delicious, that would help me stop as soon as the hunger is stilled. I’ve eaten a lot of fruit yogurt lately.

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Excessive outdoorsyness

Posted by Itlandm on May 26, 2013

Yesterday I was out walking in the sun for 3-4 hours in a stretch. This was not the best possible idea, I guess, judging from my bright red nose and forehead today. So today I waited until late in the afternoon before taking the bus to Kristiansand to hack portals. The sun was setting when I took the bus home. But that was two and a half hours later. I guess it adds up, because I feel even more tired than yesterday.

I did not jog, just walked and walked. But evidently there are limits even to that. I haven’t really been exercising more than an hour at a time at all this year. Last summer I would typically follow a 5-quarter many days, but this year I mostly take the 40-minute route (over the new bridge). I have read in numerous popular science articles that there is little benefit in exercising more than 30 minutes a day. I already do approximately that just getting to work and back, not to mention any trips in the lunch break. So adding another 40 minutes after I come home is pure luxury, I guess, but I often enjoy it.

Evidently adding a couple more hours to that requires my body to make some adjustments. Pulse remains 10-15 beats over normal throughout the rest of the evening. If I don’t have an infection without knowing it, the higher pulse usually means the body is busy changing something. Perhaps adding new tiny blood vessels to muscles, or adding glycogen to muscles or liver, or shuffling fat around from long-term deposits to more accessible places. I don’t expect the muscles themselves to bulk up simply from traipsing around on the pavement.

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Goo and fresh air

Posted by Itlandm on April 19, 2013

This morning I got up early because I had something in my bronchi and could not breathe freely. I suspect my sinuses, they have been working tirelessly the last few nights filling my nose and throat with thick goo. I guess some of this made it further down, it sometimes does after a few days. It remind me way too much of my childhood when I would wake up unable to breathe from asthma. But this was not asthma, it did not work the same way. Still, I could not keep sleeping like that. As usual, I got better with time, as I coughed up the goo. Around 10 I was fine.

In fact, after I came home from work I took a walk with some jogging to keep the pulse at recommended level. So there was no sign of respiratory problems at that time. It seems to be only at night, especially toward the morning.

Spring arrived fairly late (for the south coast of Norway) and it is still chilly, but no longer below freezing. So I can exercise now, but I do it in moderation at least as I start the season. The arctic winter has not really let me exercise outside, except walking rapidly to and from the bus, about 25 minutes a day. I guess even that is more than some people get, but adding another 35-40 minutes feels good.  Humans just were not created in an office, as I like to say. (Although Martin Luther supposedly believed women were created with larger backsides as a sign that they should sit still. Well, sitting still will surely help those grow even larger, I think.)


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Just a little more

Posted by Itlandm on April 13, 2013

They built a new bridge across the river/fjord here in Mandal, from the new big culture house over to the mainland part of the town. I walked across it for the first time today ( a few hours after witnessing the official opening, with marching bands and balloons and stuff). When I go that direction, the round trip around the town center becomes 40 minutes instead of 30. Nice.

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Deep breaths

Posted by Itlandm on April 1, 2013

Strangeness of the day. I am reluctant to even call this a health challenge as it is now. Since sometime this morning, I have felt the need to breathe extra deeply, as if I was not getting enough air. I believe this is usually a sign of neurosis, although I have also read a theory that it comes from lack of salt. I don’t see that I have eaten less salt than usual though. I have a very good reason to be neurotic in a few days, though.

The interesting part is where I went for a brisk walk, as I have started doing now that the arctic winter seems to have ended and the air is above freezing during daytime. I put on my pulse watch again, and was surprised to see the pulse being about as low as it has ever been, just three days after it was racing like crazy for five hours. Now, if I had actually been having trouble absorbing oxygen, a brisk walk would not even been possible, and if I tried, my heart would definitely have had to work hard to bring what little oxygen there was around. But the opposite was true. I would guess that my deeper breathing was the cause for the low pulse.



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