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Chest cold?

Posted by Itlandm on December 13, 2012

My head cold has pretty much dried up, but the chest cold is on the offensive now. I have a dry cough as if I have inhaled lots of dust, and a hint of pain in my chest when breathing deeply. My pulse is 40-50 beats too high, I am shivering now and then even when the room is warm. I have a slight temperature, although I hesitate to call it fever as it is just below 38 degrees C.


To further complicate things, my bowels also are growing loose now in the evening. I am not sure if that is part of the same illness or just happens at the same time. Perhaps that accounts for some of the feeling of weakness and the hard beating of my heart.

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Head cold

Posted by Itlandm on December 12, 2012

I have to admit, I had to check my temperature to be sure this was a common cold and not a flu. It started pretty slowly yesterday evening, and grew over time. By morning I was reluctant to go to work mainly because I did not want to infect everyone on the bus and at work by sneezing, but I felt fully able to work, so I decided to go. At least I would fetch my laptop so I could work from home for the next day or two. By evening I was completely pickled, and even if I don’t get worse, it will be hard to concentrate on work for long. I am also already getting a hint of chest cold. That was early, but my temperature is still close to normal range, so I doubt it is a flu.


The weather has approached freezer temperatures again but today go only a few degrees below zero. Despite the name, scientists assure us that the cold is not the cause of a “head cold” or “common cold”. Or not directly. Spending more time indoors with other people causes us to exchange viruses and this is the cause. But I think we should also factor in the stress on the body from adapting quickly to high and low temperatures every time we leave home and return. ¬†After all, the difference between my living room and outdoors earlier this week was as large as the difference between a nice warm bath and freezing water. If you were immersed in one of them and went into the other repeatedly, I am pretty sure your body would have to do some fancy footwork to adapt.

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Posted by Itlandm on December 5, 2012

This past Saturday, winter came, with snow and freezing cold. I am glad it snowed on the night to Saturday, this let people change tires during the weekend. Probably because of this, there were fewer crashes during the Monday rush hours. The first day of snow is usually filled with small crashes and long lines on the roads, but this year it was less than usual.

Before my vacation (the week November started) it was still a bit of sun when I went to work and when I came home. Now it is dark when I come home, and long before sunrise in the morning. The deep of winter is coming. It is too cold to take long trips outdoors, or at least it is no longer good for my health. I even turned down an opportunity to play Ingress, the virtual reality game by Google which is played in the real world using Android cell phones. It maps an imaginary world on the real world, with strange portals and mysterious objects that you have to visit in the flesh in order to complete the game goals. I approve if it can get people up from the couch. But for me now, the couch would probably be safer for my health. In addition to arctic cold, there was also fairly strong wind. (Actually it is cold indoors too, but I manage to keep the home office warm.)



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