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Posted by Itlandm on October 5, 2014

Lately I have seen a bunch of small insect bites again, and the other day there were a number of blood smears on my bed sheet. I changed it, but yesterday morning I woke up from something in my ear. I scratched it and caught a flattish insect which matched the Wikipedia picture of a bedbug. I put it in a pill bottle for later study, if necessary. Turning on bright light, I saw another of them scurrying away, and followed its direction to the nest. There was a small hole in the ceiling in one corner, and about two dozen bedbugs were hiding nearby.  I killed those I could find. I moved my bed to the other end of the room and changed my bedclothes again.

This morning there was one adult and one juvenile bedbug in my bed. I am not sure whether they managed to hitch a ride with the bed or crossed the room. Well, it is better than having dozens of them feasting on me.

The normal response would be to throw away most of my stuff and live in a hotel while the place got disinfected. But that would be a monumental waste of money as long as I share an old, leaky house with a bunch of people from a low-hygiene culture. I shall have to throw away my stuff if I live to move to a house without asylum seekers one day. Not buying any new bedroom furniture in the meantime, let’s say.

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