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Fighting the chimney sweep

Posted by Itlandm on October 20, 2011

There is a Christian saying that if you fight the chimney sweep, you get smudged even if you win. I am not even sure whether I am winning or losing. But we’ll get back to that. First other news:

Today was the first time in about two weeks that I took an hour’s walk in the evening. It felt good. Around the time my foot started to hurt, my heart was beating irregularly after less than a quarter’s walk from work to the bus. Now, there was no disturbance at all for an hour, including walking over two pretty steep hills. So I strongly suspect there is a connection between my exercise levels and this irregularity of the pulse. See also my less slice-of-life journal today.

In other utterly slice-of-life news, I found a sheet of paper in my mailbox again informing me that the chimney sweep is coming tomorrow between 9 and 12. One will remember that I got the same very short warning last winter in the old farm house, and in all haste arranged to take the day off from work, then waited ALL WORKDAY and neither saw nor heard anything, nor have I heard from him since, until now he pulls the same short warning stunt again. Like I am going to let him fool me twice in a row. Unless I’m sick or something, I intend to go to work as usual. (Besides, I don’t have any fireproof ash containers. Not that I would need them, I haven’t used the wood stove in this house ever, but they are supposedly required. Yeah, because I would totally go hunting for those in the evening if I even knew what he meant.)

Sorry pal, but not all of us have homemakers around to wait for chimney sweeps with a (so far) 100% track record of absenteeism. Hopefully next year the house will have a more cooperative inhabitant.

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