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Vacation started

Posted by Itlandm on October 28, 2011

I guess my vacation technically started at 4 PM today, although I was actually sick and wasn’t at work today either. The left half of my head now has the head cold that the right half had first, and I am once more eagerly spraying viruses or at least leaking them in large quantities. My arm still hurts, although not as much. Especially after I went back to bed in the morning for some more hours. Sleep is good for healing. And of course the other way around – health is good for sleep. It is hard to get the same sleep quality when your favorite sleep position hurts like murder.

With my arm hurting too much to do a reasonable job, I could not justify spreading viruses to all my fellow commuters and coworkers. OF COURSE it’s them I was thinking of – you couldn’t possibly think this had anything to do with how I felt, could you? ^_^

Hopefully my arm will have improved further by November 1, because that is when NaNoWriMo starts, and I will probably once again need a couple attempts (at best) before I find the novel that will reach 50 000 words this year. But of course this is all in the future, if any, and as the Chinese say, when mortals talk about the future, Heaven laughs. (Actually one of the Psalms has a rather unpleasant rendition of this as well. I guess uppity mortals are universally looked down on from above, I guess that makes a certain sense.)

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