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Weird dream night

Posted by Itlandm on November 8, 2011

Some pretty weird dreams tonight. One in which I was a high schooler, but in the current time. I had brought my computer to a meeting in the computer club, and while I was sitting there, it just disappeared from my knees where I had it. I just looked away for a moment and actually felt the weight of it disappear. When I looked back it was gone. Only one of the other boys sat close enough that he could have taken it, but he did not have it. I was still a little unsure whether he could somehow have managed to grab it at very high speed. But we never found it. It was just gone. This made me quite upset in the dream, though it did not carry over into real life. I have heaps of computers in real life. Way too many. I need to disassemble most of them and hand them in to the electro return service.

In another dream I came to a house that belonged to an older female relative, I think, a grandmother or aunt or something. I wasn’t me this time either, or at least this was not one of my real relatives. The place was plagued by wolves, and one of them made it into the house so we had to club it with a sack fill of books, a surprisingly effective weapon against wolves! This was the last dream, and I woke up.

There was one before these two that I decided I absolutely had to remember, but that’s the only thing I remember about it now.

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