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Posted by Itlandm on February 21, 2012

Here in Norway, SHOUTING is generally a sign of extreme excitement, usually anger and occasionally fear. Evidently this is very different in Afghanistan, because the asylum-seekers upstairs are SHOUTING DAY AND NIGHT. When I am awake and alert I can hear from their tone of voice that they are not actually on the verge of murdering anyone and the house is not on fire. It is more like if they were standing next to a waterfall trying to make themselves heard. (They certainly succeed.) I assume a strong voice is seen as a manly ideal much like strong muscles. Or indoors voice has not been invented yet. Perhaps everyone lived on horseback until just recently. Anyway, after fifty years in Norway it is kind of ingrained to wake up when people are SHOUTING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!

Luckily I am only renting here. Foreigners may be nature’s way of telling me to look for a new place to live. ^_^

2 Responses to “SHOUTING!!!”

  1. Nik said

    I guess they were not used to be heard as easily as we have been.
    They probably needed to shout to be heard, if heard at all, during all their lives.

    • Itlandm said

      I am pretty sure it is part of their culture. Strength of voice is considered part of the male beauty, same as strength of the body.

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