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Marching on

Posted by Itlandm on March 24, 2012

As I said in my previous entry, I decided to not exercise unnecessarily, but continue to eat as much as I could. There seems to be a clear connection between my weight and the disturbances of the heart rate. Above approximately 87 kg, there are no disturbances at all. Between 86 and 87 there are palpitations. Once I start to see 85, there is a seemingly random risk of tachycardia (racing heart). So my plan is to stay above 87 kg until just before I’m seeing the doctor again.

Today, however, the weather was so nice that I decided to take a walk. Besides, it is Saturday. That means I am not going to work. My commute includes nearly a quarter of an hour walk each way, and every couple days I also take a walk in the lunch break to shop groceries. So half an hour of walking, I decided, would be just business as usual.

As it happens, I ended up walking for approximately 50 minutes, as I decided to take the long way back home. My pulse was ridiculously low when I started. It was as if I was just ambling around the kitchen rather than walking at a fairly good pace. This is typical when I have not taken any long walks for several days, unless I happen to have an infection. This is where it is tempting to start speeding up. That’s what I did last summer when I triggered a tachycardia so bad I had to be fetched in an ambulance. I ignored my low pulse this time, walking quickly but not pressing myself. The pulse increased to a more believable level after 35 minutes as usual. There was only little palpitation, and they did not appear in the evening either. So this was a triumph. I’m making a note here: Huge success! It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. ^_^

The sun was shining, the weather was so  warm it could have been May instead of March, except the trees were still black. Or that is what I told myself as I was walking. When I came home, I looked at the outdoors thermometer, and it showed 11 degrees C (52 Fahrenheit). I guess I am still used to the winter!


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