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A “normal” day

Posted by Itlandm on June 25, 2012

Today my pulse was higher than usual, within normal human range. (Thus the headline.) Still, I had barely been outdoors the whole weekend (one half-hour trip on Saturday) and not exercised after work on Friday either. It rained most of yesterday and the day before, and I took that as an excuse to rest a bit. I don’t see it as a Sign, exactly – I kind of hope God has more important things in mind when deciding the weather for the south coast of Norway – but rain is so uncommon here, it is a nice excuse for a break. To have a rainy Saturday and a rainy Sunday in a row is particularly uncommon. It may be the first time this year, for what I can remember.

Today I took a five quarter walk. With the higher pulse I did not jog more than a couple times early on, otherwise I was in the target zone pretty much the whole time. I did walk across a large hill though. In the end I burned around 800 calories extra, judging from my pulse clock. (There’s a bit of afterburn, but it was close to normal after an hour and a half, when I had burned 950 calories according the the Polar. With about 100 calories per hour in basic metabolism, that lands me on the 800 extra. I think the watch exaggerates a bit, but that’s OK, I doubt I can put in 800 extra calories in a day even if I try.

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