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Head cold

Posted by Itlandm on December 12, 2012

I have to admit, I had to check my temperature to be sure this was a common cold and not a flu. It started pretty slowly yesterday evening, and grew over time. By morning I was reluctant to go to work mainly because I did not want to infect everyone on the bus and at work by sneezing, but I felt fully able to work, so I decided to go. At least I would fetch my laptop so I could work from home for the next day or two. By evening I was completely pickled, and even if I don’t get worse, it will be hard to concentrate on work for long. I am also already getting a hint of chest cold. That was early, but my temperature is still close to normal range, so I doubt it is a flu.


The weather has approached freezer temperatures again but today go only a few degrees below zero. Despite the name, scientists assure us that the cold is not the cause of a “head cold” or “common cold”. Or not directly. Spending more time indoors with other people causes us to exchange viruses and this is the cause. But I think we should also factor in the stress on the body from adapting quickly to high and low temperatures every time we leave home and return. ¬†After all, the difference between my living room and outdoors earlier this week was as large as the difference between a nice warm bath and freezing water. If you were immersed in one of them and went into the other repeatedly, I am pretty sure your body would have to do some fancy footwork to adapt.

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