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Deep breaths

Posted by Itlandm on April 1, 2013

Strangeness of the day. I am reluctant to even call this a health challenge as it is now. Since sometime this morning, I have felt the need to breathe extra deeply, as if I was not getting enough air. I believe this is usually a sign of neurosis, although I have also read a theory that it comes from lack of salt. I don’t see that I have eaten less salt than usual though. I have a very good reason to be neurotic in a few days, though.

The interesting part is where I went for a brisk walk, as I have started doing now that the arctic winter seems to have ended and the air is above freezing during daytime. I put on my pulse watch again, and was surprised to see the pulse being about as low as it has ever been, just three days after it was racing like crazy for five hours. Now, if I had actually been having trouble absorbing oxygen, a brisk walk would not even been possible, and if I tried, my heart would definitely have had to work hard to bring what little oxygen there was around. But the opposite was true. I would guess that my deeper breathing was the cause for the low pulse.



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