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Goo and fresh air

Posted by Itlandm on April 19, 2013

This morning I got up early because I had something in my bronchi and could not breathe freely. I suspect my sinuses, they have been working tirelessly the last few nights filling my nose and throat with thick goo. I guess some of this made it further down, it sometimes does after a few days. It remind me way too much of my childhood when I would wake up unable to breathe from asthma. But this was not asthma, it did not work the same way. Still, I could not keep sleeping like that. As usual, I got better with time, as I coughed up the goo. Around 10 I was fine.

In fact, after I came home from work I took a walk with some jogging to keep the pulse at recommended level. So there was no sign of respiratory problems at that time. It seems to be only at night, especially toward the morning.

Spring arrived fairly late (for the south coast of Norway) and it is still chilly, but no longer below freezing. So I can exercise now, but I do it in moderation at least as I start the season. The arctic winter has not really let me exercise outside, except walking rapidly to and from the bus, about 25 minutes a day. I guess even that is more than some people get, but adding another 35-40 minutes feels good.  Humans just were not created in an office, as I like to say. (Although Martin Luther supposedly believed women were created with larger backsides as a sign that they should sit still. Well, sitting still will surely help those grow even larger, I think.)


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