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Dream: Young again

Posted by Itlandm on July 23, 2013

This morning I had a dream I remembered, even though I did not sleep as long as I prefer. Usually I remember my dreams best when I sleep in. Also in this dream I was myself, only younger. Often in my memorable dreams, I am someone else who I have never heard of, and their friends and family are also complete strangers to my waking self. Not always, but very often when the dream is not completely trivial.

In my dream I was in my 20es and living in Kristiansand. And so was the girl that was more or less my best friend for a while during that time. However, in my dream she was already a young adult, not the young teenager she was when I was actually that age; it seems the age difference between us had shrunk to something like 5 years, or at least I hope so. Jacobsen, who was Youth Leader in our Church at the time (both in the dream and in real life) was helping me pick an engagement ring for my upcoming engagement to Old Friend. But the ring he found was very big and colorful and frankly did not look like an engagement ring anywhere in the western world at least. ┬áIt seems the Youth Leader had negotiated the engagement (if it wasn’t his idea entirely?) because I realized somewhat belatedly that perhaps I ought to talk to the girl about it before the big party, and hear whether she really was OK with this. Since it was still kind of unofficial, we talked about it very vaguely and generally, but she did not seem to mind. This was when I woke up, highly amused by our dialogue. We were beating around the bush like professionals. Or as we say in Norway: “Like the cat around the hot porridge.”


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