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Ingress journal: Finally level 5!

Posted by Itlandm on July 21, 2013

With a little (unintentional?) help from our Resistance visitor, I got almost to level 5 yesterday. Today I completed it. I spent two and a half hour traipsing around in Kristiansand in the late afternoon when the ultraviolet rays can’t get to me, hacking and recharging every portal except one, and setting up a couple new links, creating a new field that covered even more of the city than before the bluebird flew through.

Someone threw a few bursters at my two portals by the railway station. There were no other attacks, and they were not sustained when I remote recharged, so I would assume it was someone traveling through with train. Trains between Stavanger and Oslo make a stop in Kristiansand. The railway does not go through the city, instead the trains drive into the station and change direction, turning the seats. This takes a while, along with passengers boarding and unboarding, and this fits with the timing of the attacks. So probably a “drive by” attack. Those are the best. More AP for recharging, no lasting damage.

Almost certainly this was a new player, since he did not have enough firepower to destroy any of the resonators and tried anyway. If you attack a portal without destroying any resonators, you get no points for it, while the defender gets points when recharging it. In fact, even if you do manage to take down some of the resonators but not all, the defender gets more AP for replacing them than you got for destroying them. This is why I think it was a newbie attack.

Anyway, with the two and a half hours of continuous movement, plus several shorter trips in Mandal before, my feet had enough. I was also quite hungry. I must have left a trail of dead calories all over the town. ^_^

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