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Migraine day

Posted by Itlandm on June 8, 2012

Shortly after arriving at work, I had one of my rare migraine attacks. I don’t think I read in sunshine today – that has always been the trigger before – but it did happen shortly after my commute, as it did last time. It was subtly different today: Instead of the subtle start with a slowly expanding ring of glitter filled with emptiness, I had two lines of small but distinct geometric shapes shining with bright colors. Before that, I closed my eyes and saw a beautiful blue light. It was much more saturated with blue color than the sky, which is light blue; this was darker blue in a sense, but it was still light, if that makes sense. Just a bluer light. That gave me a small shock, because of my particular relationship with the color blue. But by the time the shining shapes occurred (in two lines, above and below my center of view) it was pretty clear that it must be migraine.

The nausea and headache lasted pretty much exactly the duration of the workday. I stayed at work as I was not really in shape to go home before that, but I could not in good conscience claim the time as work, so I registered it as sick leave. By the time I went home, I felt better. Today was one of the rare days when it rains (rare for the south coast of Norway, a generally sunny place except a few weeks in summer). So I was shielded from the searing rays of the sun, which is not a welcome sight to migrained eyes! I recovered enough to eat two large boxes of yogurt during the evening, having lost quite a bit of the content of my digestive tract over the course of the day. By bedtime I was pretty much back to normal.

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