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Weight loss with migraine!

Posted by Itlandm on June 9, 2012

Well, yesterday’s migraine was good for something: My weight actually crept below 84 kg this morning. That is rare. I am losing weight quite slowly and irregularly, barely noticeable over the random fluctuations in water weight. Eat a little more salt, and the body retains more water, and the weight seems to go up. So it is changing very slowly. The thinner I get, the hungrier I get too, but losing weight so slowly I hope will not trigger the kind of extreme hunger I had in 2005 only slightly below this weight. But yeah, I’m wearing trousers I have not been able to wear since that year, and before that … 1985 perhaps? No, I don’t throw away clothes if they are whole, thanks for asking. I know that my weight may fluctuate for whatever reason if I live long enough. I keep all my clothes from my heaviest years as well, although it is now over 7 years ago.

Exercised for about an hour. I moved slightly faster than I have done before, since my pulse was low and returned very quickly to low again when I slowed down. It seems it was mostly oxygen-driven today, which means my muscles and liver have taken the opportunity to stock up during my day off. Migraine might shave a little weight off, but it does not stop the muscles from recharging, it seems. Your migraine may vary – I hear some people take days to regain full strength.


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