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A change in the change

Posted by Itlandm on November 18, 2012

Took a long hillwalk today, burned almost 900 calories according to the pulse watch. I know it is exaggerating, at the very least it includes my basic metabolism as well – it claims I burn 100 calories an hour just writing, so there’s that. Still, it was a decent workout today. And the first decent workout in weeks. It has been raining almost every day this month: I think maybe the only sunny days were the two when I had diarrhea. -_- There has been a couple dry but overcast days (or at least parts of days) early in the moon, when I walked for half an hour. If it rains, I just stay inside.

Before that, all of October was Mysterious Illness month, where my pulse (at least in the afternoon) was at normal human levels, not the ridiculously low that I’ve had the last years. As I said earlier this month, this seems to be over, whatever it was. Of course, if I live long enough, new mysterious illnesses will pile up. Life is like that, temporary. But at this minute at least, it is quite enjoyable.



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