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Lower than ever

Posted by Itlandm on November 6, 2012

I believe this may be the first time I have actually seen my sitting pulse below 50. It was 48, but jumped up a bit from the shock of seeing that number. Admittedly this is late at night and my body would probably like to be asleep already. Soon it will, the neighbors upstairs have stopped the music and calmed down. Still, it was unexpected. Now during my vacation at home, my pulse has fallen back to the levels of last summer, unlike October where it was 10-15 beats higher each afternoon. I am not sure what is going on, but I assume this is a good thing. If anything, my pulse now seems to be lower that it has ever been, despite a month of only minimal exercise (walking for up to half an hour, instead of walking+jogging for an hour and a half as I used to).

I still think it is suspect that I have a pulse usually reserved for state-level athletes, but hey, after the past month of uncertainty, I’ll take it.

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