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Routine dentist visit

Posted by Itlandm on June 26, 2013

Dentist visit was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but I already had a doctor appointment then. Since I can never know for sure how long a doctor visit will take, even a routine checkup, I asked for another time for the dentist, and actually got a day earlier!

No holes, and the only thing that hurt was my wallet.  I told him, and he was amused. ^_^

If the dentists of my childhood and youth had space age equipment like this (and the skills to use it), my mouth would have looked rather different now. So there are some benefits to growing up in this age, challenging as it may otherwise be! Of course, there are benefits to us who simply were allowed to survive into this age too – my grandmother had lost all her teeth before I remember, and my grandfather most of his. Now I am of the same age as the current grandparent generation, and miss only a few teeth, and years go by where I don’t have even a tiny hole.

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