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Routine doctor visit

Posted by Itlandm on June 27, 2013

Yesterday was routine dentist visit, no holes. Today was routine doctor visit, no holes that shouldn’t be there. They took three large vials of blood. I am not sure why they can’t just use the same one for all the tests, but there is probably a reason. And I still have plenty left.

I did not get the results, but I got the results from my previous check in January (I think it was, or was it December?) Everything was great then. Even my blood sugar was in the acceptable range, which surprised me. I did not even know that was possible for me. I eat almost exclusively carbs, since I cannot absorb more than small amounts of fat and see no reason to eat excessive amounts of protein, which is usually wasteful to produce. I get plenty enough in the milk products I eat daily though.

He checked my pulse (60) and my blood pressure, which was just peachy. (12o over something in the European measurements, I have no idea what this is in the last stronghold of strange units, but it seemed to make the doctor happy.) He is also satisfied with my weight, which is around 84 now. It was 85 in winter, but once I started traipsing around outdoors, it fell to the same level as last year. Most humans who lose weight, gain it again after some months, so that was probably why he was so pleased. He has this theory that I won’t get diabetes unless I put those few pounds back on. My mother had serious diabetes and my earthly father also supposedly has some of it, so when I got “pre-diabetes” or insulin resistance a couple years ago, my doctor got worried. I think my lifelong exercise asthma is more worrisome: Without it, I could run for miles every week, what with this insanely low resting pulse. Then there would be no insulin resistance. On the other hand my food bills would go up, I guess. Silver lining!

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