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Ingress journal: Maintenance

Posted by Itlandm on July 16, 2013

Each evening, I think: “I could go harvest the two nearest portals, it is less than 15 minutes, but my feet/legs are so sore/stiff, it just isn’t worth it.” And each morning I wake up and my feet and legs feel perfectly OK. I am getting sleepy by midnight, sometimes even an hour before midnight, which probably means my body is aiming for at least 1 cycle of delta sleep, which releases regenerating hormones. (Well, the precursor hormone to Human Growth Hormone, technically, but it sets rolling the snowball of cellular growth throughout the body so it is nice to have. Young people make this several times a night, but at my age it is common to have only 1 or at best 2 sessions of delta sleep each night, in the beginning of the night.) I am only joking when I say that it is the XM from the portals that does this to my body. Science would say it is the exercise.

Like the body, portals also needs a refill from time to time, or they will decay. Well, the resonators will decay; the portal continues to exist but will revert to gray (neutral). Each resonator fades by 15 percentage points per day. That’s 90% in 6 days, so on the 7th day they revert to neutral unless you renew them. Of course, if there is a competitor, they can take it over before it goes that far, and they have an easier job the less energy there is.

To renew portals that I don’t have time to visit, such as those in Grimstad or Vigeland, I can recharge them at a distance. But some of the effect is lost over the distance. For instance, Grimstad is 40 km from Kristiansand, and the efficiency is 98%, so 2% is lost. ┬áMandal is 34 km from Kristiansand, so it is not smart to recharge Mandal portals from Kristiansand when I am coming back there later in the day anyway. Also the portals in Vigeland are much closer when I am in Mandal. So tactical charging is an issue.

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