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Ingress journal: Submit to the Super-Ops!

Posted by Itlandm on July 15, 2013

Met with agent @B3ll3rophon near my work portal, which he has upgraded. We exchanged keys, as is good and proper when an agent is passing through. I got one for the airport, which I don’t normally frequent, as well as another heat sink. Heat sinks are good for portals that rarely change hands and are a bit out of the way, so you want to stay and harvest them repeatedly before moving on to the next. They can also be combined with multi-hack for “farms” where you get as many items as possible in the shortest time possible.

I gave him 9 or 10 keys to my work portal. Since it has a rare multi-hack, I get new keys pretty much every day, sometimes more. The keys will be distributed to cities with a strong Enlightened faction, so they can block attempts to create large-scale fields by the Resistance. Even should the Resistance take over this portal, I should be able to get it back the next day, at least unless they recruit an agent in the same or a nearby building. ^_^ That is how we think, but of course nobody knows what the future brings.

The agent also pointed out a nearby potential portal, which I submitted at once to the Super-Ops for review. (That’s the folks at Niantic that decide where new portals will appear.) Later in the day, just before I took the commute bus home, I submitted a portal I found by myself. It happens too! ^_^

I came home and the sky clouded over, so I could keep harvesting the two nearest portals until my feet hurt, without getting a sunburn as well. So all in all it was a good day.

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