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Ingress journal: minus three, plus one

Posted by Itlandm on September 15, 2013

I have not seen hide nor hair of the newbies, neither the two green nor the one blue, for a full week now. There are gray portals for them to capture and link, but it’s like they’ve all gone away. However, the other day another green newbie appeared, captured one portal, and stopped. I have no idea why. Was he just traveling through? It was definitely a newbie, because he clustered all the resonators closely to the portal instead of spreading them as widely as possible. That’s a typical newbie error. Also, he only used level 1 resonators, and from around level 4 upward you don’t usually carry those, there’s no reason to and you don’t usually get them by hacking.

I upgraded the portal, as I’ve done with the rest. There are still many gray ones left, and I considered today whether I should claim some of them. But it is kind of nice to not have to walk around for an hour before work and two hours after work just to keep all the portals recharged. In addition to Kristiansand, I have the portals in Mandal, Vigeland, and Grimstad. (Although someone level 7 has stopped by Grimstad and set up a couple portals just lately. There used to be newbies there as well, but they haven’t been active for weeks.)

I can only assume that most people who sign up for the game stop when they realize that they won’t progress fast unless they actually walk around regularly. You probably have to like to use your body to stick with it. Well, that excludes most of the world’s population, I am sure. But it means the game is very rewarding: Not only do you make progress in the game, but you also “level up” in the real world, gaining health benefits and quite possibly a longer life. Science has tentatively concluded that you live an hour longer for each hour you exercise, barring random accidents. If that is the case, those hours ought to be fun hours. Ingress is that for me, but evidently your mileage may vary – literal miles, in this case.

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