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Ingress journal: Visitors of two colors

Posted by Itlandm on September 27, 2013

On my way through the city after work, I noticed that many of the gray portals in the northern part of Kristiansand had turned green. This is good, because green is my color, that of Enlightenment. (I really disagree with their choice of colors, but that’s beside the point by now.) ¬†Other portals that had lacked some resonators had been filled out. Some of the resonators were level 1, with one of them eventually level 2, as if a brand new player had gained his first level here in Kristiansand. I am not convinced it is a local, though, because there were also higher resonators, up to 5, by another green player. I would have noticed if he used to be active here, so he must have gained his levels elsewhere and just be visiting. The other is probably a friend or family member that has just started.

I upgraded the low-level resonators and was on my way to the bus when the Ingress alert went off. A well-known top-level Resistance member from Rogaland was attacking the three portals at the railway station, and using the highest-level bursters available judging from the radius. This implies that he was probably on a train making a short stop in Kristiansand, and making the most of his time here. I could hurry to catch my bus or get into a one-on-one duel with one of the country’s most accomplished Ingress players who had no doubt stocked up on level 8 bursters and power cubes. Given my knowledge of how long the trains stop in Kristiansand (they change direction so the seats are turned around) I had no chance to delay him long enough. The game favors attackers anyway, more so on higher levels.

He took over the three portals around the railway station and even made a link back to Stavanger. This pleases me, since keys are consumed in the process of making a link. I returned later in the evening and destroyed the link as well as erasing one of the portals to gray, and leaving the two others with a sliver of one resonator each, in case the newbies wanted to give it the final blow.

I guess my practice of leaving some gray portals for the newbies must have given rise to some rumor that I have retired or something. I am baffled that someone as dedicated to the game as him would imagine that I’d just leave a blemish like that on Kristiansand. You cannot take Kristiansand for the Resistance without a moving van. Kristiansand belongs to the Enlightenment, and like waves erase footsteps on the beach, we will wash away any trace of the Resistance unless you make them anew each day.

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