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Ingress journal: Blue visitors in Kristiansand

Posted by Itlandm on October 12, 2013

Two blue (Resistance) agents visited Kristiansand today. The stronger of the two tore down many of the most centrally located portals, while the lower-level one built blue portals in their place.  I went to the city and took the portals back, but unfortunately I can only make them level 5, not level 6 as they were. Well, it is hardly a big problem: I have stocked up so much that I have had to delete perfectly usable items in order to continue hacking and get the occasional rare item. Today I got a chance to spend both bursters for attack and resonators for building, so that gives me some room for more hacking. And of course, some AP toward my next and final level.

I suppose if I reach level 8, I will have rather less motivation without the AP, but I don’t see myself suddenly quitting the game if my health keeps up. It is fun, and good exercise. The game now actually counts the distance walked. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it is clearly able to tell walking apart from driving with at least some devices.

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