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Ingress journal: Weird visitors

Posted by Itlandm on October 5, 2013

So the last couple days two different (?) Resistance agents have visited Mandal and tore down a couple of my portals each time. It is unclear what they try to achieve: Unlike the more famous visitor from Rogaland who stopped by Kristiansand, they have not tried to take over the portals for themselves, much less set up any links or fields. It seems their only concern is to help me gain more AP by rebuilding the portals and links. Which is surprisingly nice of them, if a little strange. With their help, along with the excessive amount of recharging dozens of portals in Kristiansand, I am now level 7.

The reason for my question mark above is that the two of them exhibit exactly the same behavior. They attack the same portals with the same size of bursters, and until just some minutes ago even at similar times of the day. What’s more intriguing is that they follow the same pattern as another Resistance agent which stopped by here a couple months ago. Not sure if it’s the same person with different mobile phones or whether there is some recurring activity in Mandal that attracts visitors. Perhaps one of the local hotels is used for seminars or something. Strange though that only Resistance members attend these. I really doubt there are dedicated Resistance seminars in Mandal – or anywhere, really.

In any case, it livens things up a bit. I am quite happy to be the only active Ingress player on the south coast of Norway, but an occasional visit doesn’t hurt. Perhaps another time I’ll visit them. ^_^

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