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Scientific Healing Trance

Posted by Itlandm on February 18, 2015

I woke up in the morning and my gums and jaw hurt more than the night before. This was an unpleasant surprise. I licked my wounds, brushed my teeth, and spent 40 minutes listening to brainwave entrainment soundtrack at 2 Hz. That corresponds to the upper range of slow-wave sleep, and I made no effort to stay awake either. Slow-wave sleep is where we secrete Human Growth Hormone (or at least its precursor), which in adults does not cause actual growth (except for noses, ears and other cartilage, and very little even there) but rather just regeneration. Which was what I was after, quite apart from also dampening the pain.

I worked from home this day, and after work I spent another 40 minutes with the brainwave entrainment, and once more later in the evening or early night. The side effect of this was that I was more awake than I like to be by midnight, but that is OK since I did sleep part of the time and even when not, this entrainment substitutes for sleep within reasonable amounts.

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