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The hour of my dentistry is upon me!

Posted by Itlandm on February 17, 2015

Actually, two different hours of dentistry. The one early in the day was spent taking X-ray and consulting with another dentist on the matter. Then I came back an hour and a half before closing. The dentist had to cut away a little of my gums to get to the broken part, remove the broken natural tooth and put on a temporary (and fragile) dummy tooth. There were also something like three times he shoved some synthetic porridge-like substance into my mouth, which hardened to a negative of my tooth, once for the upper jaw and twice for the lower. I don’t know why they needed to make molds for all my teeth when I was only going to replace one, but it probably cost the same.

It was a distinctly uncomfortable experience all in all. It did not hurt much, because the gums were number before the cutting started. But not being able to swallow for a long time is very unpleasant to me, as goo from my sinuses slowly trickles down the back of my throat. Even if I sleep on my back or in a recliner, I will often wake up coughing to get air. So that was rather worse than the cutting and drilling, strange as it may sound.

The pain gradually turned back on over the evening, but I can live with that.

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